Body Protector Information



The Maxi Flex Body protector should be fitted over light clothing.

Take chest, waist and waist to waist over shoulder measurement to find correct sized body protector from chart.

Select the correct sized body protector and put on over your head. If necessary open the shoulder fastening. Replace this making sure the red Velcro warning markers are covered.

Close the Velcro at the side of the protector making sure you cover the red Velcro warning markers.

The protector should cover the bottom ribs.

The front of the protector should reach near the top of the sternum below the chin.

The back should cover the seventh cervical vertebra that is the prominent bone at the base of the neck.

Final checks to ensure your body protector fits correctly are as follows;
a. Sit on a low chair, lean forward until your shoulder is by your knees and make sure you can look up.

b. When standing up make sure you can bring your hands together in front of you and reach back behind you.


Make sure the body protector fits correctly and is fastened.

It is important that the protector is inspected for signs of wear or deterioration of its component parts. Any damage to the impact performing material will affect performance of your body protector. If in doubt or in the event of a serious impact, it should be replaced.

The efficiency of the shock absorbing foam is sensitive to heat and performs best between 5c and 25c and exposure to excessive heat, such as being left on the shelf of a car in direct sunlight will significantly reduce performance.

Any alteration to the Body Protector will be detrimental to its performance.


The outer cover is hand washable; please follow washing instructions using a suitable washing product. The front and back foam panels can be removed through the Velcro fastenings. Foam panels can be cleaned by wiping with a soft water dampened cloth. It is advisable to refasten the Velcro fastenings BEFORE washing after removal of the foam. Allow to dry naturally, do not dry in front of a fire or on a radiator.


Injuries cannot be entirely prevented by the body protector but should be reduced in severity. This body protector will offer some protection against impacts from falls into the ground or objects such as posts, trees, vehicles and rails etc. and some protection against kicks or being trodden on. This body protector does not provide spinal protection. Injuries will not be prevented in accidents.


This body protector has been manufactured to BETA LEVEL 3 2009. This is the highest level of protection that is offered by a body protector.

BETA LEVEL 3 2009 body protectors provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitions and for working with horses.

Most riding organisations will accept garments conforming to Level 3, but purchasers should contact the relevant riding organisation if in doubt.

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